CoachSource, the World’s Largest Executive Coaching Network, Adds its 999th and 1000th Coaches to its Network!

CoachSource LLC, the world’s largest executive coaching firm, just added its 999th and 1000th executive coach this week. In parallel with a fun and unusual guessing game called the “999th Executive Coach Contest”, $999 was donated to charity, and the two winning contestants each received a gift card.

Aimed at promoting the extraordinary growth of the firm’s executive coach database, the contest encouraged participants to guess the correct date the firm would add its 999th executive coach to its network. This week, having added both 999th and 1000th executive coaches, the firm has closed out the contest, announcing the names of the winners and a bit about the associated coaches.

“We’ve come a long way,” says CoachSource CEO, Dr. Brian O. Underhill. “So has the industry,” he adds. “It’s been an exciting wave to ride.”

The 999th coach is Rajat Garg of Bangalore, India. A former Vice President at Accenture, Rajat now runs his own coaching organization working with startup founders, COOs and CEOs. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, BS Engineering from IIT Bombay, and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), as designated by the International Coach Federation. “I feel honoured and excited about being the 999th coach with CoachSource. I look forward to interesting times ahead with them”, says Rajat.

The 1000th coach is Julie Compton of Boise, Idaho. Holding a Ph.D. in Adult and Organizational Learning, Julie has spent the last 15 years applying her expertise in adult behavior change to the world of coaching. Julie is also Hogan-certified in addition to holding a number of other coaching certifications. “I am thrilled and honored to be the 1000th coach affiliated with CoachSource! I have been a catalyst for leadership change for over 15 years, and I am overjoyed at being associated with CoachSource's high caliber of hand-picked coaches who impact leaders all over the world”, says Julie. Julie also marks CoachSource’s first coach ever selected in the state of Idaho.

Joseph Britton and Dory Willer, the two CoachSource coaches who both guessed two days from 11/9, the date the 999th coach applied, will each receive a $50(USD) Amazon gift card, and CoachSource will be donating $999(USD) to World Vision in their names; a non-profit CoachSource actively supports. World Vision will use the funds to help complete the building of a school in the Limpopo region of Zimbabwe, a region decimated by AIDS. Dr. Underhill personally visited the school in 2010.

In 1997 and as Keilty, Goldsmith & Company, the firm first began tracking executive coaches out of necessity to meet the increasing variety of client needs – and to track the increasing number of qualified executive coaches the firm was meeting worldwide. "And so we created a custom database containing 20+ fields of information on each coach,” Dr. Underhill recalls. By 2002, as Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL), the database exceeded 70 executive coaches. In 2003, the database underwent great growth as it stretched its reach to accommodate its largest client, Dell. In 2006, the CoachSource™ brand name was launched, with over 200 coaches tracked. By 2010, the count neared 850 coaches. Though Brian says that executive coach recruiting efforts have slowed in recent years, CoachSource still receives 1-4 applications per week. “And now here we are, adding our 999th and 1000th coaches to our network - two coaches residing across the world from each other. It’s very exciting”, says Underhill.

And although there was no reward associated with the date Julie Compton (the 1000th coach) applied to become a part of the network, Brian considers Dr. Compton a winner in her own right, now being associated with the organization’s exciting and long-awaited milestone: 1000 coaches across 45 countries!

See the Press Release here.


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