Team Coaching

"An effective team increases the productivity, satisfaction, and growth of each of its team members, the team itself, and the rest of the organization."

The Wisdom of Teams

CoachSource Team Coaching

CoachSource Team Coaching is more than traditional team building. While focused on enhancing the relationships between team members, it takes growth much further. CoachSource Team Coaching guides an intact leadership team to new levels of trust, operational effectiveness, and business performance.

Our coaches work with teams to clarify goals and build the right processes to achieve those goals. They help enhance a team's ability to collaborate and dialogue, with more open and creative discussion. They support team members to hold each other accountable while maintaining psychological safety. CoachSource Team Coaching opens the way for teams to develop greater strategic awareness and decision-making.

Creating Trust & Cultural Alignment

Providing a comprehensive approach to fulfill the broadest of objectives, CoachSource Team Coaching encompasses:

•   Extremely capable and experienced Team Coaches who understand diverse cultures and how to drive an outcome of team alignment.

•   Close collaboration with clients enabling us to understand/experience your goals and important drivers & challenges.

•   An overarching, robust team coaching delivery model that is flexible and adaptive to the team and individuals.

•   A strong, comprehensive diagnostic process providing insights, and therefore, the ability to responds to team dynamics and maturity.

Accelerating Team Growth

CoachSource applies an overarching, robust model to Team Coaching, with proven techniques that create lasting change. By applying this model, CoachSource Team Coaching improves team performance every step of the way.

We offer a range of customized Team Coaching solutions that typically occur over 1 to 12 months. Each program is comprised of background activities such as consultation, interviews and planning, assessments, and coaching activities which include the whole team, sub-teams, and/or individuals. Shorter and extended programs can also be designed.

CoachSource Team Coaching Delivery Model

Team Coaching Model

CoachSource Team Coaching Delivers:

Coaching Graphs

Measurable Outcomes

Leadership teams are critical for driving successful organizational strategy, culture, and operations. CoachSource Team Coaching:

•   Builds both team and individual leadership capabilities.

•   Provides measurable, sustained results linking to business goals and expanding team capacity beyond the coaching engagement.

•   Has a central benefit of maximizing the team's collective abilities to accomplish and exceed the goals required by the organization.

•   Leads to observable growth in the capabilities of the team leader, the individual team members, and the collective team.

Team Working

Team Assessment Approach

We have a variety of assessment capabilities available depending on any team's needs.  The Team Coach may suggest the use of assessments to explore personalities, determine strengths and areas for development, and/or inquire about critical team factors, including psychological safety, collaboration, conflict, and success factors.

Team Coaches may suggest the use of assessments at any stage of our engagement depending on the need.

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