Measurement is critical to coaching and leadership success.

To sum up the CoachSource philosophy in a single phrase, it's this:

"What gets measured gets done."

It would be impossible to gauge the effectiveness of a leadership coaching program without an objective, consistent, and quantifiable measurement tool. Over the past 15 years, in collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith, the dean of the executive coaching discipline, CoachSource has developed a highly reliable system for measuring leadership effectiveness.

We deploy this technique, based on surveys administered online, at three intervals during a typical year-long coaching engagement: at the outset; a six month mini survey, to measure progress; and another at 12 months, to determine the overall effectiveness of the program (for longer programs).

These mini-surveys are customized to the specific leadership challenges associated with each subject, and are administered to a representative sample of key stakeholders—typically the subject’s employees, colleagues and superiors. The results of these surveys are tabulated, aggregated and compared over time to yield a highly accurate picture of positive behavioral change over time.

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