Leading Through Change

Affordable just-in-time coaching when the stakes are high and the need is urgent.


Leading Through Change is CoachSource's targeted coaching program that provides immediate help to leaders who find themselves in challenging business situations, facing great change or experiencing a major upheaval.


Crisis Coaching for Critical Times

Launch a transformational business strategy; pivot the business
Communicate to prepare and motivate employees, shareholders and customers
Lead through turmoil and transformational change
Build resilience, generate trust, drive communication empower and delegate
Prioritize and make difficult decisions; refocus the business
Manage yourself in crisis; overcome fear, build self-confidence

An affordable six-week individualized program

Weekly coaching sessions via video conference help leaders address a specific business challenge or hurdle. Crisis Coaches work with leaders to fully understand the challenge, offer guidance and help them plan for action. Leveraging proven models and best practices, Coaches help the leader design, plan and implement an effective leadership response in times of crisis.
  • Pre-vetted Crisis Coach, experienced in change leadership
  • A kickoff discovery session to define the approach
  • Six weeks of one-on-one video conference coaching calls
  • Access to proven tools, models and templates to tackle the challenge

Meet Some of our Crisis Coaches

Josette, Former CAO, CHRO
Leading through Crisis Executive Coach
Josette served as the CAO at Balcor/AMEX and was a consultant to the CEO during the 9/11 evacuation in New York. She also was a CHRO at Enesco and was responsible for helping guide the company during the sudden death of the company’s CEO. She also served as a CHRO for a national property management company during the FEMA/Homeland Security drills after a national threat level increase.
Jim, Former CEO, COO
Leading through Crisis Executive Coach
Jim is a former tech startup CEO who experienced the dot com bust in the early 2000s. He also served as the president/COO of a manufacturing business during the 2008 crash and recession. Prior to exiting his last business Jim was diagnosed with cancer and spent a period of time in personal and career crisis. Today he supports leaders through executive coaching that includes an emphasis on self-awareness, mindfulness and wellness practices.
Joe, Ph.D. Clinical and Organizational Psychologist
Leading through Crisis Executive Coach
Before becoming a coach, Joe held leadership roles in a variety of organizations including, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and the University of California San Francisco Medical Center and Genentech. He also holds a PhD in Clinical and Organizational Psychology and is a practicing clinician at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in California. Joe has demonstrated expertise in human behavior and cross-cultural communication.
Crisis Coach
Led human resources at ING during banking crisis, led HR and R&D for EMEA at Bristol Meyers Squibb through a legal crisis for a deferred prosecution agreement; At Citigroup she led the change program while the Northern Europe management team was under an ethics investigation. She spent 11 years at Price Waterhouse Consulting, advising senior leadership teams who were going through crisis and making significant transformations.
Crisis Coach
Ann currently leads resiliency training and coaching for the Red Cross in Okinawa, Japan and has facilitated workshops/group training, coached leaders in groups for survivors of the 9/11 World Trade Center. She supports change leadership for leaders in the military and is currently writing a book on Endurance Leadership in a crisis.

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