About CoachSource

Executive coaching solutions delivered worldwide.

CoachSource, LLC is the world’s most experienced leadership coaching company. Our clients include many of the world’s best-known corporations, spanning a wide range of industries and business sectors. With local business coaching professionals in major business markets around the world, we provide a truly global solution, able to meet even the most complex leadership coaching challenges wherever the need exists. Our approach is based on the pioneering work of Keilty Goldsmith & Company, and furthering the philosophy developed by the dean of executive coaching, Marshall Goldsmith.

In 2006 CoachSource was founded by Dr. Brian Underhill, Ph.D., to focus solely on leadership coaching. Prior to founding CoachSource, Brian Underhill helped develop the Marshall Goldsmith executive coaching practice and was instrumental in the creation of its acclaimed leadership effectiveness measurement tools. Stephen E. Sass, MS, joined CoachSource as Managing Partner in 2007, bringing his experience as a senior executive coach and many years of leadership experience at IBM and KPMG.

CoachSource is pleased to provide you with further information, and to arrange a conversation with one of our principals or an Engagement Manager. Call or email for an immediate response.

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