Proven Methodology

Proven methodology with measurable results.

Our leadership coaching process is focused on creating long term, measurable change in leadership effectiveness—one executive at a time.

Office discussion

Our proven eight-step executive coaching method:

     • Select the appropriate professional executive coach
     • Measure baseline performance
     • Identify areas for skills development
     • Formulate a custom action plan
     • Secure stakeholder buy-in
     • Implement the training regimen
     • Follow up with stakeholders
     • Measure results


How we do it?

Through our worldwide network of coaches with unparalleled experience and expertise in executive management coaching.

Inspired by the work of Marshall Goldsmith, CoachSource is the worldwide provider with the most business coaches trained in the Goldsmith coaching process. In fact, we are the only firm officially authorized to carry out the Goldsmith coaching process globally.

As with every CoachSource program, results measurement is critical. Through the implementation of online mini-surveys—combined with continuous feedback from all stakeholders—we uncover the actionable data required to effectively improve leadership performance.

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