Group Coaching

"Group coaching is a facilitated group process that is led by
a professional coach and is formed with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organizational objectives and / or individual goals."


Group Coaching: A Comprehensive Blueprint

CoachSource Group Coaching

CoachSource Group Coaching creates a flexible and cost-effective process to tap the collective wisdom of a diverse group of employees with mixed functional responsibilities, skills, and experiences. Our approach enables supportive cohort development and an open peer coaching environment.

Our coaches work with you to design and create group coaching experiences that achieve organizational, group, and individual goals. We focus on expanding self-awareness, competence, and confidence.

Accelerating Growth Across Groups

CoachSource Group Coaching participants are empowered to identify current challenges and specific supporting scenarios to explore. Through engaging in ideation and role-playing around project topics, groups learn new approaches to strategic goals that require group collaboration.

We design Group Coaching to achieve specific outcomes based on group and organizational needs. A series of virtual or in-person group coaching sessions are complemented with 1:1 sessions. This enables coaches to accelerate individual growth and contributions to the group coaching process.

A Unique Opportunity To:

Reinforce organizational values, visions, and culture as colleagues develop and grow by:

•   Leveraging multi-generational collaboration through group learning and coaching (i.e., Millennials, Age 50+ Leaders, New Leaders, Hi-Pos, Women, et al.),

•   Creating a safe space for participants with similar development needs and goals without the encroachment of management or other team members in the group, and

•   Obtaining repeatability and scalability across organizations.

CoachSource Group Coaching Delivery Model

Team Coaching Model

Coaching Graphs

Our Group Coaching Incorporates:

•   Reporting on recent progress and setbacks.

•   Identifying current challenges and specific scenario(s) to explore.

•   Engaging role-playing and scenario-playing.

•   Performing experiments and leveraging peer and coach feedback to stretch outside comfort zones.

•   Learning new tools, tactics, and resources.

•   Building personal development plans to sustain learning and growth.

•   Building on prior sessions to expand self-awareness, competence, and confidence.

•   Using assessments - as appropriate - to explore personalities, determine strengths and areas for development, and/or inquire about critical group factors affecting the Group.

Measurable Outcomes

Diverse peer groups desire a safe space for members with similar development needs and goals to interact. CoachSource Group Coaching:

•   Obtains repeatability and scalability across the organization through creating a neutral space to freely exchange ideas and challenges.

•   Leverages multi-generational collaboration through group learning and coaching (i.e., Millennials, Age 50+ Leaders, New Leaders, Hi-Pos, etc.).

•   Crafts potential solutions and leverages peer and coach feedback to stretch outside comfort zones, obtain synergy, and realize new insights.

Team Working

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