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As an industry thought leader, we are at the center of new ideas and fresh approaches to ensure Executive Coaching has a positive business impact. Here you can find several books, presentations, blog posts, podcasts and groundbreaking research that we're happy to share with fellow coaching professionals.

We also offer workshops, presentations and peer-conferences that bring together like-minded colleagues and executive coaching professionals to continually share best practices.

Supporting conferences and other events, our principles are also available to deliver high-impact keynotes and workshops.


CoachSource in the Community

How Coaching and Talent Development Builds a Culture to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When it comes to truly building a corporate culture that supports DEI, organizations must shift from policy making to focusing on talent development and leadership.


This session explores organizations and leaders that seek out more voices from a broader audience that can more authentically support and build a DEI culture.





Latest Trends in Executive Coaching: 2020’s Coming to an End, What’s Next?

CoachSource Founder & CEO, Brian Underhill, and Director of Client Service and Strategic Initiatives, J'Aimee Mission, Ph.D. share some of the key findings from our 2020 industry-wide research study "Executive Coaching for Results” to catalyze conversations on practice implications for organizations and internal/external coaches.

This session explores areas such as the purpose of coaching, preferred coaching specialties, what happens during assignments, impact measurement, coaching fees, and future industry trends.


Awakening  our Support of Black Leaders

See CoachSource Founder & CEO, Brian Underhill, address what organizations can do to combat the country's struggles with race, privilege, and prejudice. He, along with a panel of experts - including CoachSource's own Zia Best, discuss ways to foster a corporate environment that encourages open dialogue and support for Black leaders.


Leading Through Crisis: Supporting Black Leaders

Through Times of Pandemic & Injustice

On June 19th, CoachSource hosted a virtual panel that discussed the role that companies and their HR teams play in showing support to Black leaders as they continue to advance their organizational goals. CoachSource was honored to begin this conversation on Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) a holiday commemorating the day in 1865 marking the effective end of slavery in the United States. The virtual panel was moderated by CoachSource Account Service Manager Zia Best with Brian Underhill, Founder & CEO, and CoachSource coaches Colleen Bastian, Marsha Hughes-Rease, Sachi Koto, and James Rodgers.


Announcing a New Human Resource Professionals Peer Learning Group

We know the critical role that HR Professionals play in supporting leaders in crisis.  We also recognize the unique challenges that HR Professionals face in making a meaningful and strategic impact on their organizations.  CoachSource is launching a series of HR Professionals Peer Learning Events designed to share best practices and bring together like-minded HR Professionals in companies across the globe. These facilitated peer learning events will explore ways HR Professionals have worked to shift their role from a tactical support resource to a critical advisor.  The HR Professionals cohort will discuss areas where HR can expand its role to solve critical business problems and will share ways increase their overall strategic impact in the organization.


Coaching in a Crisis:

The Strategic Role of Human Resource Business Partners

Chances are that your business leaders are facing new and urgent business challenges and are working hard to make decisions that will have a significantly impact. As a Human Resource Business Partner, it’s critical you can bring new tools, skills and perspectives to your leaders, even as business climates change and as strategies pivot.

Human Resource Business Professionals are critical connectors and problem solvers in the organization, and when crisis arises, you are in a unique position to bring innovative solutions and guidance to help your leaders overcome these challenges.

On May 27th, CoachSource hosted a virtual panel to discuss the role that HR Business Partners play in supporting leaders in times of crisis.


Finding Your Way Without Losing Your Mind:

Leading Teams Through Change and Uncertainty

On May 6th, Jeff Nally, Vice President of CoachSource’s Global Coach Community, and moderator Dr. Brian Underhill, CEO, CoachSource, offered guidance on how to help teams remain focused and motivated while tackling significant and profound changes.


New Coaching Maturity Assessment Tool

Where is Your Organization?

CoachSource has introduced a new diagnostic tool for coaching practice managers to benchmark their organization’s coaching function to identify potential areas of focus and improvement.


This online interactive assessment will provide an analysis based on current attitudes, initiatives and approaches to executive coaching. Coaching practice managers can use the results to determine key priorities and can learn some critical next steps in evolving their organization’s coaching function.

Articles & Resources

Executive Coaching 2022: Future Trends

Originally published in February, 2018, as a featured guest blog in the International Coaching Federation's Blog, this article shares industry-wide research of nearly 1,000 organizations' coaching professionals on a variety of topics and summarizes key trends in the executive coaching industry in the next three to five years.

Today's Executive Coaching: 3 Key Purposes

Extracted from the industry's most ambitious global study of executive coaching and based on insights of approximately 1,000 organization sponsors, leaders who have been coached, internal coaches and external coaches, this article uncovers three key reasons why companies are actively engaging executive coaches.


Targeted toward professionals who are considering hiring an executive coach for either themselves or a direct report, this article explains ways to ensure value from the time and financial investment in executive coaching. Offering suggestions on how to get the most out of the executive coaching experience, the article covers candidate preparation, goal setting, sourcing the right coach and the value of integrating the coaching experience.



2018 Research:  Chapter 6
Future Trends / Innovations / Fees + Conclusion

CoachSource is pleased to provide the last in a series of seven blog posts featuring chapters from our 2018 Executive Coaching Research Study.

CoachSource Coaching Design Checklist

Extracted from the book Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders, this article and comprehensive checklist/questionnaire helps those who are responsible for executive coaching to evaluate multiple facets of effective coaching design. This checklist is essential for those who want to develop a coaching program that will meet the needs of the organization and the needs of the individual being coached.


Presentations & Videos

Coaching in a Crisis

In this 30-minute LinkedIn Live video recorded on 4/2/20, Dr. Brian Underhill, CoachSource’s CEO, and Mark C. Thompson, Ranked World’s #1 CEO Coach, discuss the state of Executive Coaching and opportunities in the unprecedented time of the Coronavirus.


CoachSource’s Founder and CEO Dr. Brian Underhill speaks about current trends in the executive coaching industry, including what the research says about coaching fees and what executives most want in a coach. This fun and interactive hour-long webinar took place on April 1, 2020, and was hosted by Dr. Terry Hildebrandt and Fielding Graduate University.


Global Trends in Executive Coaching

Introduced by Ram Ramanathan and presented as part of the 2018 International Coaching Week, this hour-long video presentation introduces the latest research on Executive Coaching Trends as presented in the book Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders.



CoachSource regularly brings together professionals who oversee executive coaching in their organizations. Our recent forum held in September in London brought together 44 of these colleagues to discuss and share what they are doing and to learn from each other. Take a look at some of the highlights.

Hear more about what these participants had to say about their experience at the conference:

Eva Kovacs, Head of Internal and Executive Coaching, GSK


Louise Buckle, Director, Head of Partner Development & Coaching, KPMG EMA

Simon Macklin, Vice President, Customer Success UK and Ireland, Salesforce

Vera Gramkow, Global Head of Talent and Performance Development, Bayer

Designed to support executive coaches in differentiating themselves in the market, this 5-minute video offers useful tips on how to stand out and articulate your unique approach to executive coaching. This video was originally featured at the 2017 LEAP Coaching Summit.

Originally offered at the 2018 Institute of Coaching, Brian O. Underhill identifies the top priorities that executives look for when hiring an executive coach. The presentation both challenges assumptions about what qualifies a coach and provides guidance on the best mixture of business background and coaching experience and credentials.

Presented at the 2016 World Business Executive Coach Summit, this presentation by Brian Underhill highlighted key research findings from his book Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders.


The Executive Coaching Industry's Most Ambitious Research Study

We reached out to nearly 1,000 internal coaches, external coaches, executives who have been coached, and organization coaching practice managers in order to expand our collective knowledge of the coaching industry. This research yields findings across industries and various company demographics, and is extraordinarily useful in understanding both current practices.

Request a full copy or click the links below to review specific chapters published between March 2018 - February 2019.

Research: Intro, Methodology, High Level Findings
Coaching Overview
The Coaching Process
Measuring Impact
Coach Selection
Internal Support / Internal Coaching
Future Trends / Innovations / Fees + Conclusion


Our founder, Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D., PCC is an industry-recognized expert in the design and management of worldwide executive coaching implementations and a prominent author and speaker


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