2018 Research Study - About the Researchers

2018 Executive Coaching Research Study

About the Researchers

Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D., PCC
Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. is an industry-recognized expert in the design and management of worldwide executive coaching implementations.  Brian is the author of Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders (Berrett Koehler: 2007).  He is the Founder of CoachSource, the world's largest executive-coaching provider, with over 1,100 coaches in 100+ countries.  He previously spent 8 years managing executive coaching operations for Marshall Goldsmith.  Brian is an internationally sought-after speaker and holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University (CSPP) as well as a PCC from the International Coach Federation.

Joey Collins, Psy.D.
Joey A. Collins, Psy.D. is a core faculty member in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology graduate program at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and oversees a team of doctoral level scholar-practitioners conducting research in leadership and coaching.  He is a founding member of the SPU Center for Leadership Research & Development (CLR&D) that serves individuals and organizations internationally.  Joey also collaborates with the University of Washington’s Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking in various engagements.

Amanda Munsterteiger, M.A.
Amanda Munsterteiger, M.A. is a doctoral student, pursuing a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. At SPU she is on a research team that concentrates primarily on the practical and scientific study of executive coaching. She currently works on the People Ecosystems team at Avanade, where she focuses on data analytics, skill and behavior modeling, change management, and organizational alignment. Prior to her studies at SPU she attended the College of Saint Benedict where she received her B.A. in Psychology and Hispanic Studies.

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson is a doctoral student, pursuing a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. He is a member of Dr. Joey Collins’ research team, which focuses primarily on the research and application of external consulting, executive coaching, and motivational coaching. Additionally, he works as a Marketing Database Analyst at Co-Sales Company. Before attending SPU, he attended the University of Iowa where he received a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration.

J’Aimee Mission, A.B.D.
J’Aimee A. Mission, A.B.D. is working on her doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University.  Her research focuses on women in leadership and social cognition.  As an Account Service Manager for CoachSource, J’Aimee blends her background in selection, training, analytics, consulting, and project management with her understanding of psychology to contribute to the success of executive coaching experiences.


Executive Coaching for Results represents the collective effort of a number of dedicated consultants and students, all have worked tirelessly to bring this research study together.

At CoachSource, this study benefitted greatly by the contributions of Kimcee McAnally, Ph.D., Chief Coaching Officer, J’Aimee Mission, A.B.D., Account Service Manager, Michael Newman, MA, Consultant, and Patty Ainsworth, Executive Assistant and Coach Associate.  Great appreciation goes out to the entire CoachSource Leadership Team, as well as all our staff and Engagement Managers who helped get the word out regarding our study.

A chance meeting on a Boston city bus after a coaching conference quickly led to a great partnership between CoachSource and Dr. Joey Collins and the Seattle Pacific University Industrial-Organizational Psychology program.  The vast majority of this research was conducted by teams of very talented doctoral students, led by Amanda Munsterteiger, M.A. and Mike Nelson, who have done a phenomenal job in bringing this study to life.  Additional SPU researchers included Clare Ellis, Megan Schuller, Michele Skogerboe and Julie Song, M.A. Heartfelt thanks to the entire research team!

Even greater thanks must go out to each and every individual who took their valuable time to complete our surveys diligently and thoughtfully.  There would be no study without them!

Finally, Dr. Underhill would like to acknowledge the support of his beautiful bride Julie, and fabulous teens Kaitlyn and Evan.

January 2018, San Jose, CA
Phil 4:20.

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