True Partnership Delivers Organizational Impact

21 years: positively impacting and inspiring leadership 

Our longest-standing client, a US-based public technology company, has partnered with us since 2003. Over this period, we have served 1,484 leaders, 95% of whom are Director level and above, located globally. Our engagements, ranging from 2 months to 2 years, include various coaching options and 360 feedback.

**Results by the Numbers:**

– Our average coach satisfaction rating (CSAT) is 4.75 on a 5-point scale.
– Mini Survey scores average an excellent +1.41 on a scale of -3 to +3.
– We have 165 coaches in the company’s coach pool.

The client’s annual “TELL US” study consistently shows that leaders who have received coaching score higher than those who have not, demonstrating the effectiveness of our coaching programs in enhancing leadership performance and satisfaction.

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • C-Suite Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching for L&D Programs
  • Assessments
  • Global Coaching Management
  • Cultivating a Coaching Culture
  • Global Technology Manufacturing Company
  • Over 100,000 employees
  • Over $50 Billion annual revenue

Global Program Management

  • Vendor Consolidation, Coaching, Management,  Measurement, Continuous Improvement for 22 years
  • Global Software Services Company
  • Over 101,000 employees
  • Over $230 Billion annual revenue

Award-Winning High-Potentials Development Program

  • Global program, 50 leader cohort per year
  • Executive Coaching and 360 assessments
  • Hi-potential criteria model for accelerated development

US-based Publicly Traded Products Corporation

  • Over 101,000 employees
  • Over $230 Billion annual revenue

True Partnership Delivers Organizational Impact

  • Global Coaching Management, 1:1 Executive Coaching, C-Suite Coaching, Team Coaching, Assessments and more.