Award-Winning High-Potentials Development Program

Another longstanding client leverages CoachSource’s expertise in coaching and 360 assessments for their “Bench Leaders Building Leaders” program, a global initiative supporting hundreds of high-potential leaders annually since 2006.

With approximately 50 coaches in the company’s coaching pool, the program’s success was recognized in October 2013 when it won an ICF Prism Award in the Seattle Chapter, with CoachSource invited to accept the award alongside the client.

In 2004, the client faced challenges with over 30 separate high-potential programs worldwide that were misaligned with the company’s Leadership Career Model and lacked scalability. There were no consistent criteria for identifying high-potentials, and different areas and segments independently determined the number of high-potentials to develop, leading to inconsistencies and difficulties in talent management and mobility.

By aligning high-potential development to create a consistent experience, the client successfully streamlined their leadership pipeline, enhancing scalability, consistency, and effectiveness in developing future leaders.

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Coaching for L&D programs
  • Custom Coaching Package
  • Assessments
  • Global Coaching Management
  • Workshop
  • Global Technology Manufacturing Company
  • Over 100,000 employees
  • Over $50 Billion annual revenue

Global Program Management

  • Vendor Consolidation, Coaching, Management,  Measurement, Continuous Improvement for 22 years
  • Global Software Services Company
  • Over 101,000 employees
  • Over $230 Billion annual revenue

Award-Winning High-Potentials Development Program

  • Global program, 50 leader cohort per year
  • Executive Coaching and 360 assessments
  • Hi-potential criteria model for accelerated development

US-based Publicly Traded Products Corporation

  • Over 101,000 employees
  • Over $230 Billion annual revenue

True Partnership Delivers Lasting Impact

  • Global Coaching Management, 1:1 Executive Coaching, C-Suite Coaching, Team Coaching, Assessments and more.