James Dillon

James Dillon

Bilingual American executive coach based in Paris for 30 years, James accompanies leaders and teams in issues involved in change processes in a multicultural corporate environment. He stimulates the creativity, motivation and openness of his international clients, enabling them to explore new pathways in their management practices. James is particularly adept in sharing practices with leaders that leverage skills and empower their teams. In concrete ways, he contributes to strategic performance by getting companies to build and transmit a shared vision and to integrate diversity to meet goals. 

He has acquired experience working in the following business sectors: telecommunications, electronics, aerospace, banking, medical and legal fields. 

Among his clients in France: 

SAB Ingénierie et Informatique, Microsoft, Thomson, Ommic, Phillips, Sodern, Vinci, Bouygues, Bouygues Télécom, PG&G, Sybase, Valeo Electronique, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Axa, Novancia, Alma Consulting, Bloomberg, Pfizer, Meridiam...

  • Author of Réussir le défi du changement en 7 Etapes, published in French by A2C Medias, Paris 2009, also available on Amazon in English version as Meet the challenge of change in 7 steps.
  • Influenced by the Palo Alto School for projects involving change, he also has certification in MBTI, Team Management Profiles (TMP), Organization Relation System Coaching (ORSC) and Team Co-development. 
  • Organized a sustainable Development Program for 1000 engineers that led to several start-ups. 
  • Listening strategies for constructive client relationships, Alma Consulting & Audit. 
  • Active in coaching networks in France and Europe, he is also a keynote speaker at events such as International Toastmasters, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) International Investment Conference held in Paris, AXA High Potential Conference, Club Challenger, Directeurs Commerciaux de France (DCF).
  • HR and coaching articles for www.mediat-coaching.com and does commentary in French for French entrepreneur radio, www.widoobiz.com
  • Member of Association Française des Directeurs des Ressources Humaines (ANDRH), France's largest organization of HR Directors. 
  • Coaching accreditation: European Mentoring Counseling & Coaching (EMCC). 
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