J'Aimee Mission

J'Aimee Mission, Ph.D.

J'Aimee, Director of Client Service and Strategic Initiatives for CoachSource, has a background in analytics, leadership, training, and project management.  She has a combination of consulting, and business client service experience from her work at The Spur Group, a business management consulting firm. She also gained consulting and reporting experience at Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc., an assessment and selection firm specializing in the public safety sector.  She also has training and development experience, with an emphasis on addressing the needs of growing small, privately-owned businesses.

J'Aimee has the proven ability to envision a goal, develop a plan, and collaborate with multiple teams and leaders to drive that plan to completion. She is a problem solver with a systemic approach, quick to grasp key situational elements and impacts on critical outcomes. Ultimately, she derives her energy from organization, collaboration, and results.

J'Aimee currently resides in Southern California, where she enjoys time with her family and her dogs.  She is a strong proponent of living a healthy and active lifestyle so that you are your best self in all important aspects of your life.

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