Tracking Executive Coaching Solutions: One step closer to “an App for that”

By Steve Sass, COO and Erin Sullivan, MA
The past decade has meant a steady growth in the demand for Executive Coaching solutions. According to participants of our latest industry study, this growth is only expected to continue North (77% of organizations, 92% of internal coaches and 91% of external coaches perceive a high likelihood that the use of executive coaching will increase). So how does this growth manifest itself in other aspects of the industry? As Executive Coaching solutions grow, so does the challenge of keeping track of it all. 
To meet this challenge, CoachSource created the CS CLOUD with the goal of supporting our internal tracking needs as well as meeting the needs of our clients. With its ability to track impact metrics, billing, activity reporting and more, this virtual tracking system, has brought us and our clients unanticipated levels of efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind. In fact, we’ve recently taken it one step further by acquiring Scout OnDemand, an award winning SaaS (Software as a Service) coaching management system solution. Scout OnDemand provides customers a place to track and monitor their coaching engagements, store and make available the bios of all their coaches, and see summary activity on their coaching spend and other information 24/7. 
The benefits of using such a system are numerous, but the highlights we hear from our clients include: centralized administration, access by multiple team members with a “need to know”, ease of communication with key players, driving process quality and consistency, and efficiency. One client experienced reduction of FTE headcount as a result of using CoachSource and its tools! …And, well not to mention, the ability to enjoy that summer vacation now that monitoring executive coaching solutions is almost as easy as monitoring your stock (investment) portfolio. There’s an app for that, right? 
Lastly, after a modest set up fee of $950, there is no additional cost for using the Scout OnDemand system with any coaches supplied by CoachSource, and only $250 per engagement where a customer uses its own internal coaches or external coaches not supplied by CoachSource. Contact  for a demo today!
About Authors: 
Stephen E. Sass, COO
Steve is Managing Partner and COO of CoachSource, LLC, and President of Sass & Associates, Inc., a performance consulting firm. His 40+ year business career includes 28 years with IBM in customer service and education executive management, and four years directing the Center for Leadership Development for KPMG, LLP.
Erin Sullivan, MA
Erin Sullivan is a Doctoral student in Organizational Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). Erin holds a BA in International Relations and Spanish from the University California, Davis. Prior to returning to academia after her undergraduate studies, Erin spent 5 years as a Sales Executive bringing interactive marketing and media advertising solutions to corporate brands across all industries. Erin now combines her business background and graduate school experience to the world of executive coaching and leadership development.


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