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CoachSource's COVID-19 Response

A Letter from our Founder & CEO Dr. Brian Underhill 

Greetings Dear Clients and Friends, 

I write to wish you, your family, friends, and peers well as the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges in our personal and professional lives. Yes, this is an uncertain time and things are changing quite rapidly. But I have also been inspired by the showing of support, compassion and understanding by people all over the world as we face this challenge together.


We can all see that leaders globally are being tested to meet challenges never-before imagined. We all have a role to play in this new period of great transformation as leaders are compelled to think through new strategies, breakthroughs, innovations and advancements. For many, this is a crucial moment to build and repair connections, deepen engagement, and learn how to lead in new ways under unprecedented conditions.


Along the way, we are so proud to have relationships with some of the greatest organizations in the world, and some of these clients are now playing a vital role in the testing, treatment, PPE manufacturing and eventual control of the pandemic. We eagerly support them.


As an all-virtual company, CoachSource continues full and uninterrupted services to all our clients.  We continue to offer all virtual 1-to-1 executive coaching, team coaching and/or group coaching support to leaders. We’re also planning free webinars up ahead for you on such valued topics as “leading in turbulent times”, “working from home effectively”, and more! And we’ll be hosting “virtual water cooler conversations” among our 1,100+ coach community.  If you have some extra down time, check out the new “Thought Leadership” section of our website for a compilation of all our thinking in the coaching space.


There has never been a more important time for us at CoachSource to support our clients. Because we know that staying connected is especially important now, you will be hearing from us over the next few weeks and months as we continue to help you and your organizations thrive and succeed during these challenging times.


Please stay safe!




Brian Underhill, CEO

And the entire team at CoachSource

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