CoachSource, the World’s Largest Executive Coaching Network, Launches “999th Executive Coach Contest”

Last week, CoachSource, one of the world’s largest and most experienced executive coaching firms, launched a fun and unusual guessing game called the “999th Executive Coach Contest.”

Aimed at promoting the extraordinary growth of the firm's executive coach database, the contest encourages participants to get involved by simply guessing the correct date the firm will add its 999th executive coach to its network. The incentive to play? "Guess the date correctly and CoachSource will donate $999(USD) to World Vision in the winner's name(s) and will send the winner a $99(USD) Amazon gift card," explains CoachSource CEO, Brian Underhill. "And perhaps the most fun part about it is participants don’t need to know anything about the industry to play," he adds.

The story behind the contest is a unique one to know, however. In 1997 and as Keilty, Goldsmith & Company, the firm first began tracking executive coaches out of necessity to meet the increasing variety of client needs – and to track the increasing number of qualified executive coaches the firm was meeting worldwide. "And so we created a custom database containing 20+ fields of information on each coach,” Brian recalls. By 2002, as Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL), the database exceeded 70 executive coaches. In 2003, the database underwent great growth as it stretched its reach to accommodate its largest client, Dell. In 2006, the CoachSource™ brand name was launched, with over 200 coaches tracked. By 2010, the count neared 850 coaches. Though Brian says that executive coach recruiting efforts have slowed in recent years, CoachSource still receives 1-4 applications per week. As of August 15, 2014, CoachSource tallied 980 coaches across 45 countries around the world and counting.

Marshall Goldsmith, one of the industry’s most recognized executive coaches, recently congratulated the firm, quoting, “CoachSource is amazing. From a founder in a fledgling new field to a global organization with 999 coaches. Congratulations!”

Certainly this is a big accomplishment for both the organization and the industry.

Visit to read more about the contest and the rules of engagement or to cast a vote now.

Follow CoachSource on Twitter @bunderhill for updates on the latest count. Read the Press Release here.


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