CoachSource, the World's Largest Executive Coaching Network, Appoints First-Ever Chief Coaching Officer

CoachSource, the world’s largest executive coaching firm, announced today the appointment of Dr. Kimcee McAnally as the company’s first ever Chief Coaching Officer (CCO). The creation of this new role not only speaks volumes to the rapid but steady growth CoachSource has experienced over the last several years, but also to the industry’s healthy demand. “Executive coaching is on the map, and industry growth is only continuing,” remarked CoachSource CEO, Dr. Brian Underhill, when reflecting on the executive coaching industry’s healthy boom.

As Chief Coaching Officer, Dr. McAnally will be responsible for oversight of all aspects of CoachSource’s pool of 1,000+ executive coaches. This includes building further knowledge of the pool, screening new applicants, overseeing coach professional development, nominating coaches to projects, and maintaining quality control. The CCO role will also include oversight of CoachSource CONNECT, the company’s professional development community.

As ninety-eight percent (98%) of CoachSource’s business is executive coaching and coaching project management, the creation of this role is now a necessity. “Coaching is all we do. It is our sole focus and with that, it only makes sense to have somebody at the helm providing a more structured and strategic approach to managing the heart of our business - our coaches. Kimcee has been a part of CoachSource since the early days as both an executive coach and engagement manager. She knows our business inside and out,” Underhill adds. Dr. McAnally’s prior experience includes former executive positions in a retail organization, 15 years as a business owner and partner in a consulting firm, and a doctorate in organizational behavior. Dr. McAnally is also co-author with Dr. Underhill of “Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders”.

“I very much look forward to this new CCO role and partnership with CoachSource,” says Dr. McAnally. “Having witnessed the company’s exponential growth the past few years – it is even more exciting to look towards the future of our coaching network and the company’s future!”

With this new role, Dr. McAnally joins the CoachSource management team and takes partial ownership in the LLC. The role is effective October 1, 2015.


Read the Press Release here.


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