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Coaching Supervision: It’s Here (or is it?)

By Brian Underhill, PhD, CEO, CoachSource

Here is a time when I lost our company a potentially multimillion dollar coaching contract.

Yes, it was my fault.  The CEO of the company messed this one up personally.

It’s “Back-to-School Season” for Coaches

By Brian Underhill, Ph.D., CEO, CoachSource

This year, I celebrate 19 years as an executive coach.  But I’m going back to school.  And so are many other coaches.  Why?

I was just about to take off for a recent business trip when the thought came to me.  I grabbed my phone and thumbed out a request to my assistant: “Hey Patty, since I seem to speak at various ICF events, I probably should actually become a member.  Can you go sign me up?  Use my corporate credit card.  See you next week.”

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