It’s “Back-to-School Season” for Coaches

By Brian Underhill, Ph.D., CEO, CoachSource

This year, I celebrate 19 years as an executive coach.  But I’m going back to school.  And so are many other coaches.  Why?

I was just about to take off for a recent business trip when the thought came to me.  I grabbed my phone and thumbed out a request to my assistant: “Hey Patty, since I seem to speak at various ICF events, I probably should actually become a member.  Can you go sign me up?  Use my corporate credit card.  See you next week.”

“I’m so over myself!! What’s my next?” Interview with Andrea Kates, CEO, LaunchPad Central

I recently interviewed Andrea Kates, a tech CEO in a startup business called LaunchPad Central in San Francisco. Andrea has a flair that I like and she knows how to “hold court” so to speak, so I asked if she would be willing to talk about what she has learned about leadership. For the past 20 years, Andrea has led large-scale initiatives designed to drive revenue expansion for more than 200 companies. Her bestselling book, “Find Your Next”, tells about her research with over 25 organizations. Her LinkedIn profile is Here's what she said... Because I coach executives who move from jobs as “technical genius” to new jobs requiring leadership of other technical geniuses, I want to talk about what’s required when you become CEO. What is the most challenging thing? You have to be able to walk into a room and get a read on the audience and you have exactly 1 and half seconds to do it.

2015 CoachSource Worldwide Coaches Forum: The Play-by-Play!

Seven years of big dreams, 12 months of bi-monthly planning calls, what felt like 25 too many daily internal logistical emails and a handful more to coordinate the busy lives of 7 keynote speakers and 8 group exercise facilitators, our 2nd annual Worldwide Coaches Forum was a sellout show and was worth every minute of blood, sweat, and tears! The packed day and a half event was hosted at the Sofitel in Silicon Valley, California and drew an incredible group of 69 industry-leading executive coaches from 5 countries and 15 different states (photo to the right). With 7 speakers, 8 group exercise facilitators, a trio walk-about and a 4-course dinner at the Mistral Restaurant, it was a great combination of education, participation, networking, and well, some mouth-watering indulgence…who can pass up Dungeness crab and crème brûlée? The biggest takeaways? Here is the play-by-play!

"I want a coach who has done my exact job before – but bigger!"

By Brian Underhill, PhD, CEO, CoachSource

“I’m told I can be too hard on people,” said the executive, a director of product development at a Silicon Valley start-up.  “I guess that means I need to do a better job of bringing people along.”

“Tell me more about that…” I asked, trying to gather vital information in order to help me nominate a handful of coaches for him to select from.

A few minutes later, the dialogue turned to my favorite (but often dangerous) part of the intake conversation: “So what traits do you want in an executive coach?” I asked.

To Give or Not To Give... (Advice, That Is)

By Brian Underhill, PhD, CEO, CoachSource

I will never coach in front of a live audience again.

Over a decade ago in Vancouver, I was asked to conduct a “coaching fishbowl” for a large business coaching conference.  A local owner of a family manufacturing business was brought in.  After only a few minutes together, we were thrust on stage where I would now coach him in front of hundreds.

The Secret to Good Coaching

By Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC, Executive Coach and Author

The best coaches make us feel unsure of ourselves.

This might sound counterintuitive. It doesn’t mean a coach doesn’t support, encourage and help clients see new possibilities that strengthens someone’s confidence. But in those moments someone is stuck inside their box and can’t see the bigger truth or they are resistant to looking, the best coaches know how to break through this guise of knowing so that the brain actually rewires and forms a new awareness.

Are Executive Coaches Too Nice?

By Brian Underhill, PhD

There is a particular brand of ice cream I do not eat.

It has nothing to do with the product ingredients, flavor varieties, or even the brand’s political views.  It has to do with (yes, I know this is immature) a long-held grudge associated with one of the few times I was fired as an executive coach.

View from the Front of the Coach: What are the Latest Trends in the Executive Coaching Industry?

By Brian Underhill, PhD and Erin Sullivan, MA
As the head of a large executive coaching firm, I travel globally meeting with organizations and coaches, as well as speaking at and attending various coaching conferences.  I’m often asked some of the same questions:  “Why are organizations hiring coaches?” “Is coaching just a fad?” “How is the impact of coaching being measured?” “What’s your view on certification?” and my favorite – “When are you going to write your next book?”


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