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Tracking Executive Coaching Solutions: One step closer to “an App for that”

By Steve Sass, COO and Erin Sullivan, MA
The past decade has meant a steady growth in the demand for Executive Coaching solutions. According to participants of our latest industry study, this growth is only expected to continue North (77% of organizations, 92% of internal coaches and 91% of external coaches perceive a high likelihood that the use of executive coaching will increase). So how does this growth manifest itself in other aspects of the industry? As Executive Coaching solutions grow, so does the challenge of keeping track of it all. 

View from the Front of the Coach: What are the Latest Trends in the Executive Coaching Industry?

By Brian Underhill, PhD and Erin Sullivan, MA
As the head of a large executive coaching firm, I travel globally meeting with organizations and coaches, as well as speaking at and attending various coaching conferences.  I’m often asked some of the same questions:  “Why are organizations hiring coaches?” “Is coaching just a fad?” “How is the impact of coaching being measured?” “What’s your view on certification?” and my favorite – “When are you going to write your next book?”
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