Seeing Eye-to-Eye Near the London Eye

Surprisingly, often there is just one individual overseeing all of executive coaching at many major organizations.  And this “party of one” may not have ample opportunities to compare notes with external colleagues… which can make it hard to be sure they are bringing the latest, best-in-class thinking to their organizational coaching practises.

“I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this.”

- Conference participant


At CoachSource, we’re working to change that.


We hosted the first ever Best Practises in Executive Coaching Forum this past fall, aimed solely for coaching practise managers. Over 40 practitioners from across Europe came together at the beautiful County Hall building, next to the London Eye.



Our vision? To further the state-of-the-art of the coaching field, via a community of practise of organisational coaching owners.


Incredible keynote speakers and panelists brought some of their vast experiences to the group, such as: David Peterson (Google), Louise Buckle (KPMG EMA), Carla Costa (Generali), Vera Gramkow (Bayer), Eva Kovacs (GSK), Charmaine Kwame-Odogwu (NHS), Mohsin Siddiqui (ING) and others.




The power of having all of these folks in the room in the same place to share ideas and gain insights was very impactful for all involved. It was exactly the kind of value that we at CoachSource wanted to bring. It was rewarding to create a community of practitioners who are journeying together to advance the field of coaching. And to see that happening right in front of us was really powerful.


Feedback was extremely positive, letting us know that this community would love us to host another event in the future. Respondents said the Forum was worth their time to attend. Attendees said they plan to bring many new learnings back to their organizations. Jokingly said one participant, “We’re not as bad as we think we are!”


But don’t take my word for it – listen to what our attendees and panelists had to say about their experience!


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